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Domaine de la Duretière

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Calvados, Calvados Domfrontais, Cider, Perry, Pommeau de Normandie


La Duretière - Melleray la Vallée
53110 Lassay-Les-Châteaux

Opening hours

The Cider Museum and its shop are open:
From 1 April to 30 September from Monday to Saturday from 14:00 to 18:30.
July - August from Monday to Saturday from 10.00 am to 18:30.
All year round by appointment


Josselin Le Royer
Tél. : 02 43 04 03 26

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An organic family farm, with 17 hectares of orchards, located in the Calvados Domfrontais, Calvados, and Pommeau de Normandie appellations. Calvados apple growers and producers.

Our family farm is located in Nord-Mayenne, in the Calvados Domfrontais appellation. We process the fruit from our own orchards where the terroir is suitable for the creation of products rich in aromas and flavours. Our orchards grow a host of local varieties of bitter and sweet cider apples including “Petit Frequin rouge”, “Damelot” and “Tardive de la Sarthe”. These are carefully selected and blended for the crafting of our products that include apple juice, cider, Pommeau de Normandie and Calvados. With ancestral varieties of perry pears, our perries, Calvados Domfrontais, and "Douceur de poiré” aperitif have a fruity, rustic character specific to the Domfrontais region which makes our products the perfect accompaniment to food.

The apples and pears are harvested, mashed and then pressed to obtain a juice which is slowly fermented. The distillation is carried out in our Orthès still. The resulting Calvados are aged in 100 to 400-litre oak barrels, lending the products an amber hue and oaky aromas.

Come along for a free visit to our Musée du Cidre (Cider Museum) located on the farm, which includes scenography and activities to help you learn about the production of the juice, cider and Calvados. You see old tools of the trade and videos of the methods used today.

The tour of the farm takes you on a short walk through the orchards.

Children can learn about cider production with our special children’s games booklet.

You will also have a chance to try our products.

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