This sym­bol of Nor­mandy’s gast­ro­nom­ic her­it­age is lov­ingly craf­ted by both large dis­til­ler­ies and small artis­an­al producers.

  • A unique terroir

    Nor­mandy has a cli­mate and soil that are ideal for apple growing.

    Enjoying a glass of Pommeau de Normandie on the terrace
  • A Norman conquest

    Pommeau de Normandie is a pop­u­lar loc­al aper­itif. For 500 years, it has been Nor­mandy’s best-kept secret.

  • Proudly Made in Normandy

    The craft­ing of Pommeau de Normandie, a blend of fresh apple juice and Cal­va­dos, requires patience and precision. 

    A woman's hand holds a glass of Pommeau de Normandie
  • In perfect harmony

    With 8,000 hec­tares of orch­ards con­tain­ing 3 mil­lion apple trees: Pommeau de Normandie fol­lows the rhythm of the ecosystems.

    Environmental responsibility
    Pays d'Auge region at dawn

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