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Nor­mandy has a cli­mate and soil that are ideal for apple growing.

Enjoying a glass of Pommeau de Normandie on the terrace


The orchards used to produce Pommeau de Normandie cover 800 hectares.

Grow­ing on these mil­lion trees are 108 vari­et­ies of cider apples selec­ted for their high poly­phen­ol con­tent and their organ­o­leptic qualities.

These cider apple trees flour­ish in Nor­mandy’s ideal cli­mate of reg­u­lar and abund­ant rain­fall and mari­time influ­ences. The sea­son­al vari­ations in tem­per­at­ure are small, the land­scape is gently rolling and the soils are rich.

These trees stand, like sym­bols, mark­ing the Nor­mandy landscape.

The Pommeau de Normandie AOC area overlaps with those of the Calvados AOCs.

The Pommeau de Normandie AOC area covers part of the French departments of Calvados, Eure, Manche, Mayenne, Oise, Orne, Sarthe and Seine-Maritime.

This area has a humid ocean­ic cli­mate with no lack of water in the sum­mer and boasts a wide vari­ety of soil types. This AOC area mainly cov­ers the parts of Nor­mandy where the tra­di­tion­al orch­ards (i.e. the orch­ard mead­ows) and dis­til­la­tion prac­tices have been preserved.

These are areas of boc­age coun­tryside with a high pro­por­tion of grass­land where the grow­ing of cider fruit is some­times com­bined with the farm­ing of livestock.

All the oper­a­tions involved in the craft­ing of Pommeau de Normandie must be car­ried out with­in this geo­graph­ic­al area: the har­vest­ing of the fruit, the pro­cessing, the “mutage” and the ageing.

The apple trees must be identified, listed and categorised.

These apple orch­ards grow at least 70% of what are known as “phen­olic” vari­et­ies, com­monly referred to as bit­ter and bit­ter­sweet apples, with exot­ic names such as Bedan, Domaine, Doux Lozon, Fréquin rouge, Mar­in Onfroy, Mettais, Noël des Champs, Taur­eau and Doux Riolle.

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