Ferme de
la Motte


Ferme de la Motte

Our products

Calvados Domfrontais, Cider, Perry, Pommeau de Normandie


La Motte
50720 St-Cyr-du-Bailleul

Opening hours

From 10:00 to 18:00


Jérôme Lecrosnier
Tél. : 02 33 69 37 17

Languages spoken

French - Spanish

The Ferme de la Motte is a family-owned farm where we take great care of the land and the trees by organic agriculture, replanting hedgerows, harvesting the fruit by hand, cider production using natural secondary fermentation. If the way we do things interests you, then come along and meet us!

The Ferme de la Motte is located in the heart of the Normandy countryside, one hour from Mont St Michel and 15 minutes from Domfront and Mortain. Our family has lived on this dairy and cider farm for three generations. The remarkable 18th-century house is imposing and luminous and therefore makes quite an impression on visitors seeing it for the first time.

You will find it on our labels and can see it when you come for a farm-stay holiday.

We decided to farm organically in 2008 and this has been accompanied by the replanting of hedgerows and the installation of several beehives. We harvest our fruit by hand with help of family members and workers from the Barenton ESET (centre providing care through employment).

Our AOP (PDO) Domfront perries result from natural secondary fermentation. We delight in producing super tasty apple and pear juices, made from a dozen or so varieties, which are always highly appreciated. Our range also includes farm ciders, AOC Pommeau de Normandie and AOC Domfrontais Calvados.

We receive visitors in our cellars by appointment. We always try to create human relationships with all our customers, whether local or from abroad.

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